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1967 Twin Comanche CR


5757 TTA. 1087/787 SMOHs.  40 hrs on props (2022). 2 KX-155’s, SPA-400 intercom, KLN-90B GPS, KN-62 DME, Skybeacon ADS-B, Altimatic III autopilot, Slaved HSI, LoPresti Wow cowls, VG’s, Tip tanks + more mods. NDH.  All logs. Very good paint. 







1973 V35B Bonanza

3483 TTA. 1728 SFRM; 1039 STOH. GNS-530W, 430, Strikefinder, PMA450B audio/intercom, KCS-55A HSI,  Bendix FCS-810 autopilot. STEC yaw damper. Dual yoke, Surefly electronic ignition. Like new paint, very good interior with leather seats. NDH. 






1966 Cessna 150F

Only 3624 TTA. 1342 SMOH. 21 hours on new Sensenich prop. Icom A-220 Com, Becker AR6201 Com, Garmin Aera 660 GPS, Dual Uavionix AV-30C digital A.D.I. and D.G. Terra TMA 340D audio panel, Narco AT-50A transponder, Skybeacon ADS-B “out” and Garmin GDL-50 ADS-B “In”.  Sigtronics intercom, Pilot PTT switch, Metal instrument panel, avionics master switch.  2017 paint and interior.  





1961 Comanche 250


4467 TT, 1376 SMOH. 22 hours on new McCauley 3-blade BlackMac. GNS-430W, KX-170B, GTX-327, GMA-340 audio panel, Century 2000 autopilot, NSD-360A HSI, KDM-700 engine monitor with Fuel Scan 450, Narco DME-890, Uavionix tail beacon ADS-B Out. 90 gals, Toe brakes. 1168 lb useful load. 





1979 Turbo 182RG


5931 TTA, 1663 SMOH (2000 TBO). 430W, GI106A, SL30, GMA340, GTX330, Sentry ADS-B receiver, EDM830, STEC 55X Autopilot, Dual G5’s, CD player, Oxygen, 2008 paint and interior. NDH. All logbooks. August 2022 Annual Inspection.




 1974 PA-28-180 Archer


2552 TT. 552 SCMOH. Digital avionics, ADS-B In/Out, Graphic G4 color engine monitor, Recog & strobe lights, Very nice leather interior, NDH, Fresh March Annual & January IFR certification. 





1970 Cherokee 180         

4290 TT. 1460 SMOH. Dual KX-155’s, Stratus ESG-2i transponder/ADS-B, STEC -20 autopilot with heading and Nav tracking, PM-1000 4 place intercom, UBG-16 engine analyzer, digital tach, fuel computer. Standby Vac pump, speed mods, lots of extras. Good paint and interior. Fresh Annual and IFR Cert. NMDH. 




2008 Vans RV-10

486 TTA&E.  46 SPOH Hartzell, April 2019.  Garmin SL-40 Com, 696 GPS/Moving map, GTX-327/GDL-82 ADS-B, TruTrak autopilot, Intercom.  NDH.  March Annual Insp. Lycoming IO-540, 260 H.P. 1131 lb useful, 60 gals fuel. 



1979 Piper Tomahawk

6135 TT. 222 SMOH.  KMA-20, KX-155, KN-53 Nav with Loc/GS, GTX-335 & GDL-82 ADS-B, Garmin 496 GPS panel mounted. Intercom. Several mods including 125 H.P. STC.  September Annual. NMDH. Excellent condition.




1971 Cessna 182N

Highly modified, one of a kind Skylane! O-520, 280 H.P. conversion with supercharger.  3-blade MT composite propeller. 3700 TTA, 812 SMOH. Avidyne IFD 440 FMS, Aspen Max 3 panel EFIS, EDM-700 engine monitor with fuel flow, STEC-3100 Digital Flight Control System, Aera 560 with Sirius weather, Lightspeed Tango headsets. VG’s, HID landing/taxi lights and many more mods! NDH. Recent extensive Annual Inspection. 


1991 A-36 Turbonormalized Bonanza.

4688 TT. 1812 SFRM, 887 SBOH, 543 STOH. 455 SPOH.  GTN-750, SL-30, 340 audio, Dual G5 AI & HSI, GTX-345 ADS-B, KAP-150, Strikefinder, EDM-700C, DME.  Excellent paint. Good original leather interior. NMDH.

1976 Cessna 172/180

2758 TT. 687 since new Lyc. 180 H.P. Garmin GMA350C, GTN750, GTR225, Dual G5 AI/HSI, GTX345, GFC500 autopilot. Horton STOL, Very nice paint and interior.

1977 Commander 114

2868 TT. 1091 SMOH. GNS-430W, GTX-345 ADS-B, G500 PFD/MFD, Garmin 225 Transceiver, 340 audio panel, EDM-900 engine monitor, Century III A.P. Several mods. Leather interior 2004. New paint 2011. January Annual inspection. NDH. Current owner since 1987.

1978 Piper Turbo Lance II

3061 TT. 1038 SMOH by Victor Aviation. 115 Prop OH. Collins Microline, Altimatic III autopilot (fresh overhaul), EDM700, Garmin 150 XL GPS, RMD wingtip recognition lights, Excellent paint and near new looking interior. NDH.

1958 Beech Travel Air

Only 3549 TT! 105 SMOH both engines and props. Dual digital NavComs, Aera 660 GPS. 99 gals useable fuel, NDH and recent Annual. Lots of mods and optional equipment. Very nice paint and custom leather interior.

2000 Mooney Bravo

373 Total time!  Dual 430’s, WX-500, EDM-700, KFC-225. Speed brakes. One owner, NDH.  Sept Annual. Can be seen in Arlington, TX (KGKY)

1978 A-36 Bonanza

Only 1759 total time! 48 SMOH. 14 SOH 3-blade prop. Collins Microline, NSD-360A HSI, WX-1000, Century III with yaw damper.  Original paint/interior in good condition. Present owner (3rd) since 1982.

1974 Piper Warrior

6539 TT. 2248 SMOH. 128 STOH. Dual KX-155’s, KMA-24, KR-86, KN-62A, PM1000, Century I wing leveler. Speed mods, Factory corrosion proofing. Recent interior. Fair paint. NMDH. Fresh Annual.

1978 Mooney 201

5213 TT. 2129 SMOH. GNS-430, KX-170B, KMA-20, KT-76A. WX-8, EDM-700, Intercom, Autocontrol IIB with Nav couplers.  Shoulder harnesses, Skytech starter, electric trim. Interior in poor condition. Fair original paint. Annual due April. All logs and records. Flies regularly.

1946 Cessna 140

TT Unknown.  Estimated 14 SMOH, C85-12F. Logbooks start 2011.  A200 transceiver, KT-76A, Intercom. Alternator conversion, Hooker seatbelts & harnesses, Cleveland wheels and brakes. New interior. Very good paint with 2012 Polyfiber wings. Wheel fairings. New tires, battery. Out of Annual. Estate Sale.

1980 Cherokee Archer

2213 TT.  345 SMOH. GTN-650, KY-197, KMA-24, KNS-80, KT-76A, KR-87, Garmin 396 for WX & music, Strikefinder, SPA-400 intercom, JPI Fuelscan 450, Autocontrol IIIB coupled.  Speed mods, engine preheater. NDH. 2009 interior. Excellent paint.

1989 F33A

1818 TT. 419 SMOH by Ram. IO-550. GNS-430, WX-1000E, EDM-700, Shadin FF, Speed brakes, 15 gal tip tanks and much more! NMDH. Original paint and interior in excellent condition. 3 owners since new.

2010 Vans RV8A.

536 TT.  Lyc 200 H.P.  1167 SMOH. 536 since engine tear down inspection.  192 since new cylinders. Hartzell C/S blended airfoil. EFIS with synthetic vision & XM WX, EIS, GMA-340 audio panel, GNS-430W, KT76A, Icom A-200 Com Tru Trak Digiflight II VS autopilot and much more! Cruise 185 knots! Fresh conditional inspection. Fully aerobatic. NDH.

1973 Cherokee 140E

3630 TT. 1726 SMOH. MK-12D NavCom, AT-50A transponder, 3LMB, ADF, Intercom. NDH. All logs. Fresh Annual. Nice paint and interior.

1979 Turbo Lance

1877 TT A&E. 390 hours on new Hartzell 3-blade. Garmin, King equipped, KFC-200, WX-10, MFD, FF, Engine monitor, air conditioning , speed mods and many other extras. One of a kind! Beautiful paint and leather interior.

1974 P337 Skymaster

2567 TT. 1099/295 SMOH. Props 204 SOH. Keith electric freon air conditioner. Narco digital avionics. Strikefinder. 400A driver. Good paint. Poor interior.

1966 Cherokee 6 300

2935 TT. 1070 SMOH. 6 hrs since prop overhaul with new hub (No A.D.). KX-155’s, KN-62A, KR-86, KT-76, Wing leveler, fuel computer, Intercom. NMDH. May 2016 Annual. Good interior and excellent paint.

1976 Cherokee 235 Pathfinder

2336 TT. 1286 SMOH/243 STOH. GNS-430W, KX-170B, KN-64 DME, WX-900 stormscope, Autocontrol IIIB with Nav couplers. Numerous speed mods enable 140 knot cruise! Very clean and sharp looking airplane and well maintained. NDH.

1959 K-35 Bonanza

2851 TT. 397 SMOH. Narco IFR. STEC 60-2 autopilot and yaw damper. Needs paint and interior. Not flown and hangared since 1991. NDH. 3 owners since new.

1959 7FC Champion

1540 TT. 269 SMOH. Ceconite, glass & interior in 1977. Not flown and hangared since 1991.

1977 Turbo Aztec F

Only 1490 total time! 1490/79 SMOH. Collins, HSI, DME, CFS-2000A, RDR 160, WX-10, Altimatic IIIC. Hot props. Oxygen. LR fuel. Original In/Out. NDH. Sitting in a hangar and unflown since 1990.

1960 Comanche 250

5596 TT. 570 SMOH. 3-blade. Many mods. Like new paint. GNS-430, STEC 30

1982 T182RG

2710 TT. 1040 SMOH. Airconditioned. Deice. GTN-650, Aspen PFD Pkg. Very nice condition. NDH.

1965 Comanche 260TC

4980 TT. 1076 SMOH. King digital avionics. Anywhere Moving Map with XM WX, STEC 60-2. EDM-700, WX-900. Oxygen and many extras. Like new paint and nice leather interior. NDH. Only 4 owners since new.